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New BT Home Hub 3

BT Home Hub 3

About new BT Home Hub 3

The latest BT Home Hub wireless router doesn't just look great – it has excellent range, is more energy efficient, and looks for your best connection so you always get the fastest, most reliable broadband possible.


Our best ever wireless signal

The new BT Home Hub uses 'Smart Wireless' to detect interference and automatically select the strongest wireless channel available. And it doesn't stop there - once you're connected, your BT Home Hub will constantly monitor the chosen wireless channel and automatically switch to a new one if there's too much interference.


Smart power save

The new BT Home Hub runs on half the power of an energy-efficient lightbulb, and automatically changes to 'low power' mode when not connected. It will instantly return to full power when connected, or when it detects any internet traffic.


Strong wireless 'N' technology

The wireless 'N' technology in the BT Home Hub ensures you get a more reliable wireless connection throughout your home at all times.


Top security as standard

The new BT Home Hub comes with Wi-Fi Protected Setup at the touch of a button, making it easy to set up a secure wireless home network for all your devices.


Easy to set up

We've made it easier than ever to set up your BT Home Hub – and included an easy user guide to help you every step of the way.

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