Moving House? Let BT Assist

Thinking of moving house?
Let BT reduce some of the stress of moving and help you to create your dream home

You could keep the same number
If you are an existing BT customer, it may be possible to take your number with you when you move. Customers coming back to BT may also be able to keep their current number. To transfer your existing BT account from your old address to your new one, click here.

Free line transfer and reconnection
If you connect your BT service on an existing BT line at your new address then the transfer is free. Even if you're not currently a BT customer, it costs you absolutely nothing to reconnect to BT.

Upgrade your old home phone
Scroll down to see some of our latest home phones including our best-selling home phones.

Free up your phone with a home network
Now you can connect up to 10 people to BT Broadband, so you can all be on line at the same time and still use the phone! For advice on creating a network in your home, click here.

New baby in the house?
Take a look at the latest Digital Baby Monitors from BT, helping you look after your family.

Order a Phone Book for your new local area
The Phone Book helps you find products and services from businesses you know as well as from those you don't, along with all the local residential numbers you need in the same book - three directories in just one book. Use our handy Phonebook Finder to select and buy the right Phone Book for your area.


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